The foundation facilitate trans-formative thinking for youth and young adults by enhancing their belief system.


I Believe Foundation will positively transform the belief system of individuals all over the world through educational and empowerment workshops, seminars and iBelieve Training Days and Boot Camps.

I Believe Foundation was established in 2013. This foundation was created to facilitate transformative thinking for youth and young adults by enhancing their belief system. Belief is the bridge between where you are right now, and where you desire to be.

Magic of Believing Gala - 2020

Hosted by the I Believe Foundation

A night of giving and receiving

November 21, 2020

At the heart of the nonprofit is the notion that individuals can change their lives and current status with a positive outcome by raising awareness and creating belief in something greater.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with an international office in Lagos, Nigeria that will manage and coordinate international programs which will focus on improving the daily lives of those living in Africa and Asia by providing access to clean water and electricity. A major goal of the foundation is to empower and equip less privileged children with the necessary tools to be successful in this dynamic world.

The foundation’s signature event is its annual “Magic of Believing” gala that celebrates accomplishments and milestones while raising funds for the next year’s work and efforts across the globe. The I Believe Foundation also provides grants and awards to other nonprofit organizations, 501(c)3 entities, churches and ministries.

Founded by

investor & serial entrepreneur

David Imonitie, Jr.

the I Believe Foundation takes his iconic leadership into the broader world where he travels the globe sharing his message of true belief and achievement.


To inspire youth to raise their level of belief by providing information and resources that will positively impact and influence their outcome.


To globally impact the positive belief system of 1 billion youth.

GALA 2019

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